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Corsair AX1600i - Not Turning On

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Since yesterday, my PC won't turn on at all. No lights, no fans spinning, nothing.


I used the "self-test" feature on the AX1600i and it works when I unplug the 24-pin connector (as it should) - green light shows up on the PSU - but leave all the other cables connected.


However, when I connect the motherboard cable (24-pin), the PC doesn't turn on at all.


On the motherboard itself (EVGA SR-3 Dark), I get an error code of "E2" when I hold down the "Reset" button for 4 seconds.


I'm not sure how to diagnose the issue. Please help!

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Dead motherboard?


The PC was working perfectly fine all this time - it was turned off (with the PSU switch on the 'OFF' position) for about 10 days.


Tried turning it on yesterday and this happened.


How do I tell if the mobo is indeed dead or if it's some other issue? I even removed the GPUs from the system and it still won't turn on.

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E2 is "Video Repost"



no idea what it stands for exactly but.. video may be a clue :)

do you have a spare GPU to test with?


I removed both GPUs from the system - still won't turn on. The moment I plug in the 24-pin connector, the system does not turn on - no fans spinning, no lights, nothing.


I don't think it's the GPUs.


I even reseated the CPU to no avail.

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Just an update - it was the CMOS battery. Got a new one and plugged it in - system started right up and everything is working perfectly! :)


That is unusual as the CMOS battery is a mature technology and usually lasts longer than the average service life for a motherboard.


Nice to see its figured out.

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