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Corsair HS70 PRO battery smelling

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I recently made a ticket (2004356032) into corsair about my headset acting up and recently one side of my headphones not working altogether, I do realize I put a ticket in on the weekend so I won't get a reply soon but I don't know if my headphones are safe or not. The battery smelt terrible and I searched it up and this is a sign of a bad battery along with being dangerous? I don't know if this is what is causing one side of my headphones to stop working and I don't know if using the headphones is dangerous or not. Can I get a replacement for my headphones? As I did not break them myself and they just randomly stopped working, and I am yet to know if it is dangerous to use. I won't be using them until I know they are safe but even then I'd like a replacement if possible because one side of the headphones won't work.




Edit: I turned them on to use them again and now I can confirm something is definitely wrong with the battery as I could instantly smell some sort of strong gas, so now I pretty much want and need a replacement for my hs70 pro wireless

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