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Apply a cooling preset to all fans

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Hello everyone! This is my first time using Corsair products and let me tell you I am very pleased. Corsair makes a high quality product in all categories. But you aren't reading this for a review.


Is there anyway to apply a cooling preset (ie Balanced, Extreme) to all fans at once?


I have 6 LL120s connected to a Commander Pro.


I can change the preset for each individual fan, but I would like to be able to change the preset of all 6 at once. Is this possible? Am I just a noob? Thanks for your help in advance.

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There are a couple of ways, but it may not be easier…


1) Use a profile shift. Duplicate your main profile and re-name it ‘Profile X’ - Extreme (or whatever). In the Extreme version change the fan presets to the desired profile. You can then change profiles in order to change fan speed. This can be made easier by using a profile loop where the profile change is assigned to a keyboard or mouse key. That makes it a one button change without needing to open CUE. This works better when you have a small number of profiles and is not feasible when using linked profiles or lots of them.


2) You can create a copy of the preset using the custom curve and then the shape tools in the corner to recreate the preset. This Custom 1 profile can be quickly changed using those shape tools and it is automatically applied to all fans assigned to Custom 1. You must have CUE open. Only marginally faster than toggling the fan settings.

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Thank you for this. I was hoping to make it easy by just clicking the "Quiet", "Balanced", or "Extreme" presets, but your method worked. Maybe Corsair will add this functionality into iCue later. Thanks again!
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I read this quickly and thought you might be using a Commander Core. If you are using the Commander Pro, I would suggest getting off the three presets immediately. The unit was not really designed to use those in the way you would like and it runs the curves from CPU temp with no hysteresis. The way recent CPUs bounce around at idle will create either jumpy fans or just continuous moderate and unnecessary fan speed at idle.


You need to make a custom curve using a better control variable (temp sensor). If you have a Corsair AIO, you may be able to use the coolant temp (H1xx Temp) as the source. MB temp or even GPU temp are quick and easy solutions for most people. However, the best solution is to use 1 of the temp probes from the Commander Pro box. Run to somewhere near the rear exhaust, either inside or outside the case. Exit air temp is a good indicator of whether you need more case fan speed. The exact range of temps will vary from user to user and with the exact positioning of the probe. Put somewhere inconspicuous and then leave it. It will take a bit to learn the normal range, but the fans will spin up as case temp increases, most often when the GPU is under load. With a better control variable, you may not need to change fan profiles in the manner above.

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