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Why All Vengeance LPX Have SPD DDR4-2133MHz


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My motherboard will be EVGA Z590 with Intel i9-11900K cpu.

The cpu has memory spec of 3200MHz.


I prefer Vengeance LPX for the low profile and I don't care about rgb.


All ram specs have various tested speeds but they always have SPD set at 2133MHz.

For reference I looked at other brands and they are the same way.


Why can't I find any ram (hopefully Vengeance) with SPD set at 3200MHz?

Then I could enable XMP for overclocking.


Why should people have to enable XMP just to get the rated speed of the processor memory support?



I just found this Corsair help page for memory:




I guess that explains it. It's so that the memory can be used on a variety of motherboards.

I heard that Intel officially doesn't support enabling XMP. Which is strange since you have to in order to get their rated speed.


Thanks anyway. Sorry for the unnecessary post.

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Found the answer
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