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Advice on Cooling 4000D Airflow


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I currently have my h150i 360mm on the front as it's the only place for it. I have one fan in the back of the case and none on the top.


My video card runs pretty hot at stock settings 76-79 under load and I'm wondering what a good solution to getting that hot air out of the bottom of the case could be. The top of the 4000D Airflow has space for 3 fans.


What would the optimal thermal solution? 3 fans all exhausting on the top, plus the exhaust fan in the back? Any suggestions on which fans to use (size / model)? I'd actually prefer non-RGB on the top.




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Running any fans on top is going to be more impactful than none at all. Fan type or blade design isn’t going to matter much. The bulk of the gpu waste heat should be on top of the card as it radiates from the backplate and sides. The fans under the gpu should displace the air below.
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