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iCUE SP120 RGB PRO Grinding Noise

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I’m having a rough time with one of the 6 SP120 fans in my PC making horrible noises and have been since about three weeks after purchasing them in February.


It makes a grinding sound or possibly like a fan blade is rubbing against something. At first I thought it was because I have a cat and maybe it was cat hair that got into one of the fans, and so I didn’t bother asking Corsair. I’d clean them often but a day or so later it would always start back up again.


It used to only do it when the computer boot into windows and would only last twenty seconds or so at which point it would quiet down and return to normal (I’m not talking about high rpm sounds). But yesterday I was playing a game and the noise came back and lasted over a couple minutes. A friend was here and said it sounded like one of the bearings is messed up and that the noise isn’t normal. He’s got 3 of the same ones and never heard that before.


Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I’m meticulous about cleanliness in my home and clean my computer often.


I have been super reluctant to RMA this because I’ve already had horrible luck with a separate Corsair product; a $200 set of wireless headphones they’ve had to RMA twice. I take really good care of my computer stuff and am not rough or careless with it but have awful luck or something. I even had to return the original 3-pack of these fans to Best Buy because one of the nodes on the RGB module/controller unit was janky and wouldn’t provide any signal to whatever I plugged into it. The fan would spin but no RGB signal. They replaced them, and then I bought a second 3-pack to populate all fan space in my case and then THIS.


Can anyone provide any insight into this? Will I have to likely RMA this issue? If so, will I have to send the entire 3-pack of fans to Corsair or just the fan(s) making the noise?


(I didn’t realize these are more made to be fans for a radiator than straight up case fans when I purchased them)

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Yeah, I'd RMA this. I'd not swear to it but it does sound like a bad bearing.


Thanks for the input. I’ll do that today. I asked a second more-knowledgeable-than-me friend, and he concurs that it’s likely a faulty bearing and was nothing I did or didn’t do.


I appreciate the response.

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