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AX1200i Issue

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My computer just recently began to continuously restart (before booting into windows and before I can get into the BIOS). For troubleshooting, I decided to start with the PSU (AX1200i). I tried testing using just the "self test" as well as the "paper clip" test in accordance with the instructions sent to me by customer support. The result in both cases was that the green self-test light would come on but the fan would not spin it would just "shake" or "twitch" without making even one complete revolution.


I contacted customer support who informed me that this model has a zero-RPM function so the fan will only spin under a certain load. However, the instructions for the "paper clip" test state that even with the zero-RPM function, the fan should spin for a moment while performing the test. Also, some of the videos that I have seen on YouTube show people performing this test on various AX PSUs.....and the fan is spinning.


So.......now I'm a little confused and am reaching out to those that may have had similar issues or can give me a definitive answer before I go out and waste money on a new PSU that I may not need.


Your assistance is appreciated.

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