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Simple Keyboard Reassignment

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I just bought a new K95 RGB platinum keyboard today, and it is a nice keyboard.


However I'm having trouble doing a basic keyboard reassignment that I've done previously on Logitech, Razer and Cougar keyboards with extra keys (G keys).


I need to (for example) assign G1 to be Ctrl-Shift-A, or G2 to be Shift-F12 etc.


I can't use macros to do this as for a start it breaks the WoW ToS.


When I attempt to do so - it doesn't let me put Shift-F12 into the keypress box in the event I'm creating.


Can someone help me - I've spent a lot of money on this keyboard, and the basic function I bought it to do doesn't seem to be supported.

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Turns out when I downloaded the software from Corsair, it gave me an ancient version of the software.


Someone told me what the correct version was and I downloaded it and the problem has been resolved.

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