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SATA Drive missing

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I own a Corsair One I100 I think? (the one with the RTX 2080 TI)


After a windows update, the SATA 2TB drive just disappeared. I had a weird 'Realtek USB CD-Rom' drive showed up (google it and it's related to a weird Win 10 mismatch with a USB peripheric) but it doesn't look like my drive now thinks it's a CD-Rom. Even if it happen at the exact same time, it looks like a different issues from what I have google so far.


When I open Disk Manage, it proposed to 'initialized' a new drive. Giving me options between MBR and GPT. If I look at the driver that manage this specific drive, it's a Generic SD/MMC drivers. (That's a SD Card reader, but I don't have any SD card connected or SD card that are plugged in or could be formatted)


I try to google the Corsair One SATA drivers but, well, the drives page for Corsair is basically 'Here is a list of all our driver in one big infinite scroll, good luck!'. No offense, but please fire your web agency? :)


Try to rollback to a restore point or rollback the driver, did not work. I'm always stuck with this Generic SD/MMC Drivers and no more 2TB HD.


In the bios, it show the Hard Drive in my SATA port as it should be.


My Storage Controller driver that show up are:

- Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller

- Samsung NVMe Controller

- USB Attached SCSI Mass Storage Device


My Disk Drives drivers are:

- Generic Micro SD/M2

- Generic SD/MMC

- NVMe Samsung SCSI

- WD My Passport SCSI


I do not have any 'uninstall' or device that show a bug / drivers issues. (Except this Realtek USB Cd-Rom)


Got the feeling it's going to be a fun weekend of patching and restoring my entire setup......

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