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Scratchy sound HS60 Win 10 64

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Good morning Corsair Community.


I have a pair of wired HS60's, which I really like, but since day 1, I have suffered scratchy audio. I have tried so many things to eliminate this issue, but nothing has worked. The most recent effort was a BIOS update on my UD570, and that didn't work either.

I don't know if this is a Corsair issue, but I have been reading online help tutorials for about 3 weeks, trying lots of different "fixes" and this problem persists. This includes driver updates, trying different USB ports, uninstalling drivers, clearing all the USB ports/drivers, and reinstalling from scratch, reformat, changing settings etc.

On this same PC I am experiencing the issue on, I previously had a different brand of headphones, and did not have this issue at all, just to put things into context.


Are there any known issues with scratchy audio on these headsets?

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Update, I just used revouninstaller to remove Icue software from my PC, and the 9 weeks or so of annoying crackling sound has disappeared, but now I cannot use the programmed buttons on my Corsair mouse.

Corsair, i really like your hardware, your PSU's and RAM are outstanding in my opinion, but this Icue software is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Why would there be sound conflicts from your software?.

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