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Tube length on H100x


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I bought the H60 but after watching the GN video about air and such, I could not find a good way to place the radiator in my InWin 303. It has a vertical top mount and the hoses are short by just a little.


I'm considering the H100x. On pictures it looks to me as they are a little longer, are they? I need like 1-2 inches more than H60 to be able to sleep at night, or else they will bend too much.


Also, is it best to mount it with the tubes on the right or left side if mounted vertically sideways on top? I want the intake (water to pump) on the bottom, so air on top isn't a problem when sucking to the pump. That way I won't have to worry about permeation for a very long while I hope.


In these lack of GPU days I'm a little worried about leaks, but I can't find an air cooler I want either these days and I need something within a week. I really liked the looks of the H60 block... The white led was nice and I like that it takes so little space and doesn't ramp up and down RPM like air did.

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the AIO pump won't be powerful enough to push air down from the radiator once it sits in the tank up there, so really, just install it in the way that looks most pleasing to you.


I personally would install the H100i against the front of the case, with the tubes towards the back, to make sure the tubes aren't stretched. The PSU blocks airflow quite a bit towards the back.


That said the H60 doesn't fit in place of the back fan in the 303? it touches the PSU tray?

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The H60 fits if I mount it with the tubes on top, but if I try to 180 it with the tubes on the bottom as recommended, it bends the tubes a bit, pushing against the fittings on the block as well as laying down on the GPU.


I could probably remedy it by rotating the block position, but then the logo looks weird. And I'm not sure if tube position on the block matters at all function wise?


I'm worried tubes on top will mess with air trapped in the same area the tubes enter and exit the radiator. I don't know how long they stick down into the radiator to bypass the air that permeates over time.


It's like sucking on a straw isn't it? If the straw doesn't reach the juice because of level, you'll just get air? Or does physics not work that way in a closed loop... I'm clueless.

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if the tanks on top of the radiator are well above the pump, it will be fine. the problem is mostly with some cases when you mount rads in the front. the tank can be lower than the CPU position.


The tubes don't go in the radiator.I believe on AIOs they are crimped to a fitting soldered to the tank itself, something like that. but the air bubble will stay above the tube opening. there's usually not much air, just enough to allow for expansion when the thing warms up. And no matter how you install the thing, permeation will happen all the same. it can't be avoided, that's just how soft tubes and rubber behaves. That's why some AIOs have really stiff tubes, lined with PTFE, to slow that down.. but they are harder to install.


As for air movement, its really the water flow that may disturb the bubble to the point of pushing some air down the tube, but you need quite some flow to shake that bubble out. Even with custom loop pumps that are much more powerful, it ca be hard to get air moving from those end tanks.


If your pump is not the highest point in the loop, as soon as the air is expelled from it after you install it, it should stay in the radiator.

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