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Did i made a huge mistake?

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I am building a new system. Intel i9-11900K Asus Maximus XIII Hero, Corsair Vengeance LPX 128 GB 3200.


I already bought these. From my previous build, I have a Corsair AX 1200i Digital ATX PSU.


But I've just realized I might have a compatibility issue in my hand...

Nor on the product page, neither on the PSU finder; there aren't even "Core i9" or 128GB Ram in the dropdown lists...!


So if these are correct, then I am doomed... But, because this model is older those pages weren't updated and model maybe I may be okay? I hope!

After all, when I was buying this memory set, on its compatibility page the Asus mobo wasn't supported...


So I asked Corsair and fortunately, they said "Don't worry!" Thus, I went ahead and bought the Mem set...


What do you think? Do I have chance, can I keep my AX1200i?

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uhmmm.. you are worried about compatibility of your memory with the i9? or the PSU?


the PSU only supplies current... it would be like worrying your new glass is not compatible with tap water ^^


As long as it's not super old (capacitors age), the cable standards didn't change, and it is powerful enough, you're good to go.

usually at the 8 - 10 years mark for high end PSUs, you may start to look around for a replacement. It's always a preventive change... voltages are less and less stable with time because filtering degrades.

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you will only see if voltages change, but the ripple, you can only see it on an oscilloscope, and we rarely have one handy ^^'


Really bad ripple will show as random crashes, maybe louder coil whine, overclocks that were stable start to fail, but at this stage you're already starting to stress your components' VRM.

Since it's not easy to assess as an user (and even with a scope you have to understand what you're looking at), it's usually advised to replace PSUs preventively. But how often depends on the model, quality etc..

I personally go by the warranty period. if it has a 10 years warranty i'll change it then.


But for your cables yea it's totally fine. nothing changed since the AX1200i was released.. still the same connectors across the board.

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Hmm. Mine is already 10 years old. :( I really don't want to spend another $450! Damm...


Would it be harmful to other components if I use potentially risky PSU?


I have one more question actually... And this was the reason I started to look for a new system.


Frozen screens and none responsive machine.

That was happening rarely, then a lot and then stop booting all together.


I eliminated the possible causes: Not OS, not GPU, not memory, CPU didn't show any issues, and I assumed PSU was OK, with green light :) I figured mobo was the problem.


Do you think a failing PSU could cause this "Frozen Picture + none responsive computer", meaning; can't shut down, none responsive HDD light indicator and it wouldn't shut down by itself in time either...

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I can't speak for others here but I've seen bad PSUs cause all kinds of really weird problems. Including what you've described.

Could it be harmful to other components? Potentially, yeah. How likely? Hard to say.


Do you need to get a brand new AX1200? Or AX1600? No, you don't. The RMx/RMi series PSUs are excellent and a good deal less expensive. An RMx1000 would fit nicely. An 850 would even do the job.

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I have to say that there is no indication of PSU is bad. The green light is on...

Or never got a PSU-related mobo warning, you know beeps and what not...


And thank you for the suggestion. It will be on my radar.


Let's say I kept the PSU, do you think is there a benefit for replacing the cable set?

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I have to say that there is no indication of PSU is bad. The green light is on...

Or never got a PSU-related mobo warning, you know beeps and what not...


Right. I understand. And I cannot tell you how many times that has been the case ... and all of the random problems were suddenly and completely resolved by replacing the PSU.

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That would be a funny story if that is the case...


Since that problem after all kinds of stress tests and what-not, nothing came out faulty.

So I first tried to replace GPU. That proved to be a wrong aswer. CPU and the memory were working fine.

So I ended up changing the big three: Mobo, Mem. and the CPU...


So it will be a cruel joke if I get those freezes with my new setup as well... Which will be proving that PSU was the guilty party all along...


I certainly hope that's not the case... :)


I have one more unrelated question. The 24 Pin Mobo Power chord looks a little funny to me...




One of the pins is missing the shinny bit... Is this normal?


I couldn't find a reference picture to be sure...

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