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atm i have this case in black and i like it. this came as a prebuilt system . the builder fitted a corsair h100x cooler in the roof of the case and a rear 120mm fan . it came with 3 at the front as standard. the pc is a intel 10850k runing at 5.0 ghz on a o/c with an msi tx3080 suprim x . on a asus maximus xii board.

the system can run rather warm at times . when running games such as ac valhalla and origins. im toying with the idea of purchasing the front and foof panels from the 5000d airflow to see if that improves the cooling. would love to hear peoples comments on this.

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well, the 3080 heats up the air the AIO gets, so, more airflow will help for sure.

Now what you could do for free is flip the AIO fans around and set them as intake instead of the typical roof exhaust.

You could also, depending on how it's setup at the moment, remove the side plate covering the side fan mounts and install 3 fans as intake on the front side. No glass there, (almost) free airflow. If you have spare fans laying around you can test that see by how much it improves.


Then there's the panel changes :) but i'll let people who know the case answer ^^

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Off topic question, but do you get frametime spikes while gaming?


What it is, is that I get random spikes (one big one every 5/10 mins) screen stops for a split second. Anyway, after a lot of "try this" I ended up finding out off someone that I should try to remove the USB 3 cable, and it worked.


It seems it's a grounding issue with the front panel of the 5000X but I am trying to find out if it's just my case or it has effect more 5000X owners.


So if you get this random frametime spike, you could have my issue, but if everything you play is smooth and no crazy one off spikes, then it's just my case that has the fault.

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