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I'm not gonna lie it's quite irritating that the 275R Glass doesn't fit the 275R case

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Hi everyone.


Hoping Corsair can get me out of this jam.


I have a plexiglass 275R which I bought in 2018. In that time, unfortunately I seem to have scuffed the inside of the plexiglass somehow and it shows up when the RGB stuff in my case shines.


I've built a couple PC's for friends now using the 275R Tempered Glass, and I always thought the glass looks much nicer.


So I decided to buy a tempered glass panel for the 275R. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit! The location of the screw holes are ever so slightly different.


I'm now stuck with a panel of glass :( big RIP.


SKU CC-8900206

Carbide 275R Tempered Glass Side Panel

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Hey there,


Im sorry the tempered glass panel didnt fit on your case, you can find the acrylic sidepanel here:






What do I do with my glass? :(


I originally got Corsair to send me some screws as one of the screws has never been able to affix to the case properly, it turns out that on the actual case, the thread for the screw hole is buggered and I can't screw anything in to it :(

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