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HS70 PRO Wireless stopped working after firmware update

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I have encountered the same problem as hundrets of other customers of Corsair as well.


I updated the firmware on my Corsair HS70 PRO Wireless which I bought a few weeks ago. Right after that, my PC stopped recognizing it and I could not turn it on anymore. The PC only recognizes the dongle stick.


Here is what I have done so far:

- Tried to soft reset the headset - did not work

- removed the dongle from the audio tools via windows - still did not work

- left the headset for two days in order to discharge the battery and tried plugging it into the computer via USB cable - did not work

- tried to pair the dongle with the headset again - guess what? did not work


Now, after researching, I found out that this problem is known by Corsair employees since at least 2015. So I have two questions:


1. Why are you guys still selling a product with a known massive problem for almost 6 years?

2. Since I could not find a working solution to this problem in all the forums etc., how can we fix this for me ASAP?


Here is my ticket number: 2004341610

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