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Additional / replacement fan setup for 4000x

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I'm a noob to PC's and just recently got a pre-built one.


I think I have the standard black fans with the 4000x case, however, with the white case I want white fans at the front, as a minimum.


I have been impulsive and bought 3 QL120 RGB's (lighting node core included) to fill the remaining slots as I wanted at least an exhaust fan. I picked them on the LED count, etc and never thought of them being able to mix with the fans already in the case.


Just wondering if anyone with a bit of knowledge could help me on the way forward.

- Should I send the QL120's back and get 3 x SP120's so they can all go in the same lighting node (if possible).

- Is it better to have the QL120's and plan to get another 3 to replace the ones that came with the case.

- Or could both sets of fans that I have be used on separate lighting nodes but through the commander pro? I would look to swap the positioning of the black fans then.


Many Thanks


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Just been looking into different set ups / install diagrams.


I think the last option looks possible if the different fan types are connected to separate lighting nodes and all hooked up to MB/sata. Only issue may be the number of 4 pin connectors on the MB, I guess.


Or have the two lighting nodes plugged into the RGB section on the commander pro with the fan control cables then plugged into the Fans section. I would look to do it this way, if possible.


If anyone could give me a green light on that it would be great.



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