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Virtuoso SE and ICUE, Having to KEEP PAIRING

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When I turn on PC I have to open ICUE, via taskbar. Then click Lighting Effects for them to even to turn on, and then for whatever reason "ICUE"

after listening to music or gaming, "You dont need the audio aspect. Let me turn off audio and default you to keyboard effects"... why? Everyday, this happens.




The headsets are set down and rather than simply resync i have to RE PAIR for w/e reason. The lighting effects are not turned back on but the keyboard effects are on. This isnt what i paid for, so NOW I HAVE TO REBOOT then repeat first step then get hit by my Or......... Why

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So any advice. Left headset on sleep, yesterday. Picked em up today and no lighting effect sync, I have to RE PAIR. What is the point of this?? Or why do I have to, left click icue icon in the task bar, ICUE is now in the forefront. I have to RE PICK touch all the hardware to even make sure its on, and if the audio isnt sync. REBOOT TIME.


1. Hardware lighting thats on

2. Lighting Effects, meh "ICUE" i dont wanna work




Rebooting, make me understand why highend equipment will do this at all, unless i HAVE to buy your PC, I own an MSI:

Product Name: Bravo 15 A4DDR

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit Ver.2004(OS build 19041.985)


this is no legacy PC so whats the deal

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