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[HS60] iCUE "normalizes" volume up and down automatically + other issues

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I recently got an HS60 headset and I've been excited for one day, and after that it's been all pain trying to figure out why it has so many issues. Most of these issues, though, are related to iCUE 4.X.


I noticed that whenever I play Rainbow Six Siege, the volume automatically goes down when the loud, bassy map music starts, and it stays that way until a match ends. This happens every single match. In Fortnite, the volume decreases whenever a dance emote with music is initiated. I tried turning off iCUE and none of this happened. No, the volume mixer values do not change at all.


The issue is that I need to use iCUE since I want to use my own equalizer preset. Isn't that the reason people spend way more for the HS60 than for the HS50? The software Surround Sound 7.1 just ruins the sound from the headset anyway.


Another issue I have with these headphones is that they emit quite of a lot of hissing or noise whenever another sound is played. This issue is magnified when using the USB dongle. I have to create my own little workarounds for my experience to be bearable.


Should I just install an older version of iCUE? I'm new to Corsair products so I don't know if it'll fix my issues.


This headset has so much potential with the hardware, only to be severely let down by the software. If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it. I tried posting this in the iCUE sub-forum but haven't gotten a reply yet. Thanks.


P.S. I've already tried submitting a support ticket, and haven't heard back for days.


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Hi TyZed,


Are you using the bass preset in iCUE by any chance?


If you still have not received a response to your ticket, please PM me your ticket #.


No, I have never switched to the bass preset in the iCUE software. I have always stayed on default or my own preset. The issues persist in those. I've moved on to using a splitter cable and connecting the 3.5mm pin to that just so I can use these headphones without the extremely noticable hissing at volumes above 40%. Still kinda sad that I spent more on the HS60


My ticket hasn't received a response yet. I sent the number in the dm.

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