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GPU Sapphire 6800xt RGB via Corsair ICUE


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Hey guys,


I love my latest pc build with lot of corsair products. AiO Capellix, RAM Platinum, Corsair Case, ML fans, k70 mk2 keyboard, dark core mouse. All of them I can manage in the ICUE software, including the rgb of the asus rog strix b550-f motherboard.


Last but not least, the sapphire 6800xt nitro+ se is still missing in the icue and I'm thinking about how I can solve this problem.


1. Yesterday I ordered 3pin female to 3pin female cable for just 3,50 EUR. The idea to connect ARGB from the gpu to the 5V ARGB on the asus motherboard. I thought that I can control the gpu over the motherboard via icue, but I dont know. --> Today I read that icue only control 12V RGB header, not 5V ARGB.


2. I found the cable attached, adapter from 3pin to corsairs special 3pin. In this case I need also the commander node. 3pin from the gpu to 3pin node. Normally I should found the node in Icue and should control the gpu, but I'm not sure. That solution is more expensive that no. 1 --> approx 60 EUR, but including four light strips in the node pack.


If anyone here who know which solution works? Or is there any other idea?


Thanks a lot.


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Besides the Commander Core that comes with the Capellix cooler, do you have any other Corsair RGB controllers? Lighting Node Pro? Lighting Node Core? But of these will come with different fan packs and/or cases - the 4000D should come with an LNC, IIRC.
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I was trying to find you a less expensive solution!

The Commander Core doesn't play nice with adapters. There's just no way around that. The Lighting Node Pro, Lighting Node Core and Commander Pro all do play nice with them. So if you had an LNC ... that would be ideal. But you don't. :-(

So yes - you'll need a Lighting Node Pro or Commander Pro and, in your case, the NoPro makes the most sense.

As for the adapter - it should work. I've not used that seller's copy-cat adapters but that one should work with anything that will connect to motherboard 3-pin ARGB.

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