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New iCUE version, all settings gone?

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Hi Shojom,


You can still download the older iCUE 3 version here https://www.corsair.com/us/en/downloads.


But eventually we will have everyone update to iCUE 4 in the future.


Hol' up. I just made the mistake of updating to iCUE 4 only to discover that it no longer sees my H115i AOI cooler, so I check way at the bottom of the release notes and sure enough:


Note that iCUE 4.0 will no longer support the following devices:


Keyboards: K66

Mice: Sabre, Sabre RGB, Sabre RGB Optical, Sabre RGB Laser, Katar, Scimitar

Headsets: Void USB, Void Wireless, Void Surround

AIO Coolers: H80iGT, H100iGTX, H110iGTX, H80i v2, H100i v2 and H115i, H110iGT, H110i


So, if everyone is supposed to update to iCUE in the future, does that mean that support for these devices will be added at a later time? Otherwise, how do you intend to have people update to v4 if you it means losing support for these devices?


In the meantime, I think it would be a good idea to release a minor update to the v3 branch that warns people with unsupported hardware in v4 not to update, or remove the update option altogether until such time that the installed hardware is supported.

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