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Using a combination or sequence of one of the G-keys plus another key

Claudio Salvio

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I want to know if it is possible to assign a key sequence (or combination) starting with a G key to emulate another key not available on the keyboard (K57).


For example I would like to press:

G1, then F1 and that would be equivalent to pressing F13.

G1, then F2 and that would be equivalent to press F14

and so on.


It would also be useful if I had to press:

G1+F1 and that would be equivalent to pressing F13.

G1+F2 and that would be the equivalent of pressing F14.

and so on.

From what I read in the forums the latter doesn't seem to be possible.


Is it possible to do something like this with iCue?




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  • Corsair Employees

The iCUE software does not support the ability to map two keys together to actuate a single key like you are asking. At the same time there is no need to do what you are asking since you already have the ability to map keys to the F13, F14, etc... keys as you can see in my screenshot attached to this reply.




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Corsair Notepad,


Thank you for your prompt reply.


I am familiar with the mechanism you mentioned.

Unfortunately it is not what I am looking for.


I mentioned the function keys from F13 to F24 as an example of what I intend to do.

In truth the ultimate goal is to have a mechanism that allows to trigger any of the key codes that are not available on the keyboard due to the limitation of available keys.


If I understand your proposal correctly, if I were to use the 6 G keys I would be able to map only 6 of the unavailable keys on the keyboard.

In this case, I could map for example:

G1 to F13

G2 to F14

G3 to F15

G4 to F16

G5 to F17

G6 to F18

and F19 to F24 would be unmapped, plus it would use all available G keys.


From what I had read in the forums I was almost certain that the software did not support mapping two keys together.

However I had hoped that they would support detecting a sequence because there are other programs that do.

An example of this behavior is the sequence key handling in WinCompose.


I think it would be very helpful for Corsair keyboard users if iCue would add support for simultaneous key detection and/or WinCompose-style sequence detection.



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