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New PC, 16 QL120s, 4 of them not lighting up on boot

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To whom it may concern;

I am a long-term PC enthusiast and this new build is the first time I'll be using the iCue software and RGB Fans. I think I've plugged them all adequately but can't get four of them to light up on boot.


Let's get down to brass tacks: I use the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL as case. I have a corsair Elite Capellix 360mm with the Commander Core, a Commander Pro, and two Lighting Node Cores (bought with my fans). I run 16 total fans, 6 as push/pull on the front (side, because of how the O11XL is made), 6 push/pull on top, 1 rear exhaust and 3 bottom intake.


This is how they are plugged :

The 6 of them on front are linked to the Elite Capellix's Commander Core, and therefore that wonderful little thingy takes care of all 6 fans' PWM AND RGB control (Neato Mosquito, would have bought 2 more of those if I could !)

For the 6 of them on the top of the case, their PWM support is taken care of by my Commander Pro, and their RGB control by one of my lighting core nodes that came with a 3pack of QL120's.

Now this is where I can't figure out what's wrong; the 4 remaining fans' (1 rear exhaust, 3 bottom intake) PWM control is done by a Cooler Master 10 PWM fan hub (https://www.newegg.com/cooler-master-mfx-mhhn-10nn1-r1-black/p/1W8-0049-00060?Description=cooler%20master%20pwm%20fan%20hub&cm_re=cooler_master%20pwm%20fan%20hub-_-1W8-0049-00060-_-Product) and their RGB Control is done by my second lighting node Core, so it only has 4 fans plugged and they are adequately plugged in the 1, 2, 3 and 4 ports.

Those four do NOT light up on boot, but the iCue software recognizes that second lighting node core. I've tried changing its Satapower plug and USB header port, no change. They still don't light up on boot.


Is it because I'm using a non-Corsair PWM fan hub ? Is it because I need to set-up that second lighting node core to try and control only 4 fans instead of 6?

I'm guessing the solution is real simple here but since I am a very early beginner at iCue, I can't see it.

Added quick snap of the inside of the PC, can't see the 3 bottom fans because they weren't lighting up.

Thank you for your help !


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If the Lighting Node Core powering the bottom 3 + 1 is detected, go to the Hardware Lighting Settings on that LNC and set the lighting effect to your desired choice. Typically this defaults to a rainbow, but once you load the CUE software it can be saved to other things.


There is no connection between the fans' RGB functionality and PWM speed control options. If you plug 4 fans into a RGB hub with power, they should light up even if the PWM wires are dangling on the table. They just won't spin. You don't need to match PWM and RGB control to the same device, even if it an option like on the Commander Core. As long as all the fans have a RGB port and get their PWM and 12v power from somewhere else, it should all work.

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Yes, the LEDs work in series, so if you have a bad LED at LED #9 on fan 2, the lights stop there. However, it’s not always so clear cut. Sometimes instead of a very obvious light/dark line, you get scrambled or distorted effects. Based on your description above I assumed you had control over the lighting in software mode. If you do not, then you may want to check each fan in slot 1. Try putting a static white lighting effect on the controller for this to make all three LED colors turn on.
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