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XD5 pump not showing up in iCue

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I'm probably being really dense but I can't seem to figure this out. I have the XD5 pump/reservoir combo.


The pump comes with two cables -- Molex for power and a fan cable. The fan cable has two wires in it. The fan cable gets plugged into the Commander Pro port 6. The port is set to 4 wire in Device Setting.


When I start up iCue, fan number 6 doesn't show up at all. I followed this video: [ame]



What in the world am I doing wrong?

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That should work. It only has to be on port 6 if you want to use the Hydro X preset control curve. Try moving it to another port. You will need to make sure that one is set to 4 pin in the Commander settings. You could also try sticking it on a MB fan header. If the BIOS/MB can’t read it either, that would be fairly conclusive there is a problem with the tachometer wire. I am assuming the pump runs at maximum all the time.
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