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SP120 Fans RGB No Longer Working

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Hello so Ive been dealing with profiles not being able to import without ICUE crashing so i did a clean install, finally got the profile installed but when I went to change the case fans (SP120s) RGB to match the profile by clicking on the lighting node core in ICUE it defaulted to LL fans so only 1 of them lit up. I changed the fan hub to SP 4 fan hub and it was stuck on that 1 fan. I swapped out the lighting node core that came with the case with a lighting node pro that my fans came with and the fans lit up initially when the computer booted and i thought everything was fine but as soon as i loaded icue to set the profile they reverted back to only 1 fan lighting up. Any idea how to fix?


Im running 4 SP120s through a lighting node pro to a Commander pro right now. any help is appreciated.

Also when attempting to move the rgb connectors for the fans from the commander pro to the commander core, and removing the ML120s that my H100i came with and the fans still dont respond to lighting changes

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Since you have a 4000X case, I am assuming what you have are the SP-Elite fans and not SP120-RGB. This is a critical difference for the lighting set up. The SP-RGB is an old 4 LED fan different from all the others. The SP-Elite is an 8 LED fan and should be selected as such or the SP PRO/Elite-ML Elite tag depending on whether you are using CUE 3 or 4.


If this still does not resolve things, you may have a bad LED somewhere on fan 1 or 2. Try moving the first fan to position 4 or test each one at a time to find the bad LED.

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