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Virtuoso XT Low Sidetone Quality

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Just upgraded from standard Virtuosos.


On the old virtuosos the sidetone quality was very good and clear, like it was coming straight from the mic.


On the XTs the sidetone quality can be described as sounding like the mic on an old flip phone.


Not sure if this is intentional or just "the way it is" but if this could be improved I would see this headset in a better light.

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Hello, I just got my Virtuoso XT's today and immediately I thought the side tone was super low even though on the software side it says it's maxed out. I bought a pair of HS70 PRO Wireless for $80 and the side tone is fantastic. So there's no way on a $270 headset that this is what the intended side tones could be. I have the software and everything all up to date. Any help would be great?
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Hi, I have also just received my Corsair Virtuoso XT yesterday and have been very frustrated with extremely quiet sidetone. After running through a bunch of steps including checking firmware and reinstalling iCUE I came across a few older forum posts for previous model Virtuoso users with the same issue aswell as a description to perform a 'soft' reset with the following steps:


1. Unplug the USB from the headset

2. Power on the headset (put it into wireless mode)

3. Hold the mic mute button for 15 seconds until the light turns off on the headset

4. Put the headset into USB mode to turn it 'off'


After doing this with iCUE uninstalled my sidetone was noticeably much loader (and stays that way when using the headset on my Apple Mac where I don't have iCUE installed).

Unfortunately as soon as I reinstall iCUE on my windows PC, the sidetone goes back to being super quiet again so it is 100% a software issue with iCUE.


Hopefully the above can help someone at Corsair to fix this issue as it seems to have been a problem with all of their Virtuoso's for a while. For reference, this is the link to the other Corsair forum where I found Alberts soft reset tip: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=196895&page=2

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