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iCUE v4.11.274 - Temp #1 to 14

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I did not seem to have an issue with installing and running the software.

I do have a question about what the different temp numbers refer to.

Also, Temp #11 runs from 70c to 94c at any given time. This is why I would like to know about the Representation of the widgets.

Thank you.


EDIT: My fan for the GPU does run all the time. It does not appear to show on this display unless there is an increase from the base idle speed which is unknown.







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Thank you for the reply.

Is the temp #11 normal or do I need to take some sort of action?

It has been running that warm/hot since I assembled the unit.


That is going to be something you need to be asking your motherboard manufacturer if you are concerned about what temps you are seeing reported by those sensors.

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LeDoyen, Thank you very much for the tip. I will certainly look into the controlling app for the dram. And now that you mentioned the speed, I do recall buying the 3200 dram for the high speed as I play on-line games and I do not like lag of any kind.


Corsair Notepad, Thank you again for your time and response. I will do this. On a side note, I switched out my last HDD to an SSD and the temperature on #11 dropped 10 degrees on boot up. Meaning as soon as I can read the app after boot up, I check that temp specifically. So I may have had a sick/failing hard drive and didn't realize it. The symptoms that got my attention were slower read/writes than normal and severe lag in some games I played that were installed on that drive. Nice to realize I dodged a bullet on that one. :)


Also, the temp sensor could be related to the bus on the mother board, but again like you said, I will not know for certain until I contact the motherboard manufacturer.

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You also may want to try and match some of these to another program to help sort out the extraneous readings. Something like HWiNFO may given your a better indicator and that program has a Asus MB specific section. You likely do not have 13 separate sensors and duplicated temps are fairly common with Asus. I agree with the above that the 77C is probably chipset, but it should be easy to match up with HWiNFO.
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