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uninstall link?

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Hi there.


I am assuming you have the original corsair one.


I do not recommend uninstalling the program permanently as it is the only program that can monitor and control the top fan and it also the only one that can monitor coolant temperature. The pump can be monitored using other software but with the way this system has been designed, the top fan can only be recognised by link. Additionally this program was custom made for the Corsair ONE as it controls the fan curve of the top fan as well and keeps the pump and coolant temperature working correctly.


I know that link has a bug that makes it use a lot of CPU resources. I managed to rectify this by uninstalling the program fully and then re-installing it when my system was stock. I actually have now fully upgraded my system but I am still using the stock liquid cooler so I have link installed and its working fine with no high CPU usage.

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It is also worth noting that the fan doesn't ramp up in BIOS. If you are in the BIOS for too long, the system will overheat.


On my Corsair a100 a bug in iCUE v3 kept turning the fan off in my system, resulting in overheating issues. I opened a support ticket, but the bug was never fixed. It is still present in iCUE v4.


To solve all of my overheating issues I moved the fan header from the CPU block to the motherboard CPU header. Since I could no longer control the fan speed based on coolant temps, I had to keep the fan maxed at 100% to ensure adequate cooling for both the CPU and GPU. I then uninstalled iCUE because it is useless as both a monitoring and fan control application.

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