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Potential 4000x build

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Hi Guys


Looking to get anyone who knows more than me to give this plan a once over and let me know if there are any issues or anything else i need to keep in mind with this potential build for a 4000x case. I'll be using an MSI Thomahawk Max with 2x internal USB headers. I'm looking to make sure it'll all work and can be controlled with iCue.


I think i have all of this down, but there's every chance i'm making a mistake and your help would be very much appreciated before I start buying this stuff!



Stage 1: (Case + Exhaust + Cooler)


So the case comes with 3x SP120 RGB Elites, I'm looking to add another single SP120 RGB Elite for the exhaust. (4x SP Elite in total). The plan is to add the iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX Liquid CPU Cooler that comes with 2x ML120 RGB and top mount it.


As far as I can tell, for the ML fans that come with the cooler, the 2x RGB and 2x PWM connections willl all go into the Commander core that comes with the cooler. (The Commander Core then needs a USB and Sata connection).


For the 4x SP Elite fans, the RGB connections can go through the Lighting Node Core that comes with the case, the 4x PWMs can then be plugged into the remaining capacity on the Commander Core. (The Lighting Node Core then needs a USB and Sata connection).



Stage 2: (Lighting strips added later)


At this point, i'm out of internal USB headers so I'll probably add an internal USB hub.


The plan is to add a CORSAIR RGB Lighting Node Pro that comes with Corsair light strips. Probably only use 1 strip at the bottom of the case and add the Lian Li Strimmer Plus on the other RGB connction on the this RGB Lighting Node Pro. I know I need an adaptor for the Strimmer Plus to go into the RGB connecter. (This Lighting Node Pro needs a USB connection)


Thank you

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