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Commander Pro remains undetected in iCUE 3.38.61 and 4.11.274

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Good even,


My Commander Pro now undetected in 4.11.274 and iCUE 3.38.61 when reverted back. Up until yesterday, everything was working great. Commander Pro has always remained plugged into a USB header on my ROG Crosshair VII Hero x470 mobo.


3 connected LL120 fans do spin, but very slowly and remain at a constant RPM. No LED channels work, no USB passthrough functional (they have never worked. Seems to be a gigantic problem for many. This really needs to get sorted).



Steps taken:

-Neither USB headers work with Commander Pro. Both USB headers work with other devices (e.g. Commander Core)H150I Elite Capellex.


-When unplugged and reconnected, computer makes sound of USB device being disconnected/connected, but does not show up in iCUE or in USBDeview.


-All firmware on other Corsair devices up to date.


-Mobo BIOS up to date.



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