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Messed up RGBs on Fans Need Help


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I recently got a customer gaming built for me and I've finally started to play with the custom rgbing of the fans, memory etc. I've only been using Icue's settings like rainbow.


I've been having issues with setting up the inner ring all one color and the outer a different color. When I select a led on the inner ring, what will actually light up in a outer ring on a completely different fan. I have 6 fans total, and when i use the ICUE software to show me the lighting set up 4/6 actually light up their fans as seen in the program.


I did some research to see why this is happening and was wondering if anyone could confirm what I think could be the issue.


I have 3 QL120 iCUE RGB fans with the Lighting Node core.

I have the Crystal series 680x with their built in LL120s on the front.


I opened up the back and saw that all 6 fans where connected to each port (6 in use ), and that node is connected to LED channel 1 of the lighting node pro.


Now when I use the iCUE software and you pick your fan types for each channel on the node I select the QL120's but not all fans are that.


Could this be why the RBG on the fans are messed up?


What would be the fix??

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