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K57 Does not work Wireless

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i have paired my K57 wireless to my DarkCore Pro SE dongle.


However the keyboard does not work or connect wirelessly I need to have it plugged infor it to connect and be able to type.


It's taken some messing around. but have it working for moment.


I tried the holding esc, turning off unplugging, turning on and then after 5 sec relesing esc this did nothing.


1. I instead restored normal pairing on the Darkcore SE dongle

2. PLugged in DarkCore Pro SE Cable when asked

3. Said I do not have K57 when asked to plug it in.

4. Repaired the K57 to the DarkCore Pro SE dongle.


This is an ICue issue it recognises two copies of the K57 one for wireless on it's own receiver, and another when plugged in, so when you unplug cable it tries to connect to it's own dongle rather than the DarkCore Pro's.


In old versions of ICue we could delete devices rename then, resync them etc as an option by right clicking them. Please can you bring these kind of features back.

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