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Hi guys,

I have submitted a ticket 2004257764 to replace the commander Pro thinking the LED ports were bad They sent me a replacement quickly and still seeing the same issue.


I have a Corsair 5000 X with an Asus X570 Prime Pro. I am using 3 SP fans that came with the case and 4 Corsair QL. SP is connected to the node core that came with the case.


4xQL's are connected to the node that came with the 3 pack.


I am connecting the QL's to the commander core LED 1 and Commander Core USB cable is connected to the USB mother board.


SP node core USB cable is connected to the motherboard directly.


Issue is ICUE does not see QL at all. Sees the SP that came with the case.


If i connect QL fans directly to the motherboard, ICUE sees the QL's .


Any ideas? Support is suggesting that I get "At this point, you may need to add more internal USB ports on your system like PCIe USB cards." What do I need to search for ? I only USB 3.0 ports PCI - E card not the ones that fits the cable for the USB header. Thank you

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Not a PCI-E card. Hopefully they suggested a powered USB 2.0 Hub. You have a X570 MB and this is a common issue on that platform. Apparently the USB ports don't quite output the power their should. This makes using the passthrough ports on the Commander Pro unlikely. Some devices have more trouble than others with Commander Pro and Platinum/XT coolers higher on the list.


Whatever you get, it needs to have a SATA power connector. Otherwise it's just a splitter and does not address the power issue. There are a lot of posts about this scattered about and this one is a popular choice, inexpensive, and known to work. Depending on where you are, they may be other choices easily attainable.

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