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Suggestion - Add random timings and delays to iCue!


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It would be awesome if I could make the timing of lighting effects random to simulate stars twinkling or raindrops hitting the ground, without having to resort to making the timings all weird and different from each other and putting multiple colors on the same effect. Just having the ability to apply the 'Random delay between (ms)' you have for delays in macros would be awesome! While I'm at it, being able to have one light effect trigger another after a certain amount of time would be incredible too. The same thing would work well with macros as well.

As an example, the raindrops on the ground thing would have a ripple effect on a random interval of a few seconds, and trigger a gradient in the middle immediately. A split-second later, a second ripple is triggered as the second wave.


Thanks for reading


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I am all for more random generation options as well. I spend a large chunk of my lighting programming time attempting to simulate it with the tools at hand. It usually comes up a just a bit short. Having this as an option for programmable effects and the few presets that lack it would be nice.
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