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Thank you Corsair | Original Void review after 6 years


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Short intro [tldr]

Very good. Some bad wear items. 87/100

This is an in-depth review of the Original Corsair Voids after 6 years of abuse


Background on my headset

Flashback to 14 year old me. I had just gone through my 3rd pair of 3.5mm jack headphones due to connector failure. So I made the big financial decision at the time to buy a decent USB headset. At the time there was only one real option for me. The Corsair Void USB 7.1. I bought my headset in late 2015 or early 2016 from a South African online tech store. From that day onwards I have used my headset almost everyday since.


The majority of use was for gaming and content consumption but I was involved in my schools technical department where I was a sound engineer. Some of the work that I did involved mixing tracks in a quiet room or live previews in a loud auditorium where I had to listen to tracks prior to queuing them up to be played. Although the voids are not the loudest headset in the world they were loud enough for me to hear the preview clip through hearing protection with deafening music pounding in the auditorium.


The Degradation

The Cable

After about 4 years the cable near the top (near the headset) started to break. Nothing that a bit of electrical tape can't fix. A braded cabled would have extended the life of the cable. Making the cable removable like in the wireless headsets, but because this is a "budget" headset it would have increased the cost of the product so I understand why it wasn't done that way.



The Earcups

The earcups are top quality. The way they attach to the headset is a bit strange. There is a fabric over-lip thing that goes over a lip on the headset which works but I do have an issue with them. The fabric on the over-lip has fake leather over it and after about 1 year all of the fake leather had fallen off. Another issue that I have is that the fabric loses it's elasticity over time. This has lead to the earcups being very easy to be dislodged and is it fairly difficult to put back on the headset itself.

The bit that contacts my head is still in tip top condition.



The Headband

The headband expansion mechanism is very good but my head is a bit small so I personally never used it.

The padding on the band has become softer over time which is expected. The fabric that goes over the padding has come loose on one side which causes the headband padding to fall out of place. It has only come lose on the left side where the mic is. This is probably due to the way that I place the headset down. Due to the swiveling action only going inside which puts the mic against the headband fabric. Over the 5 years this has caused the dislodging of the band fabric



The quality after 6 years

The audio quality has not changed a bit. The mic quality is still as it was on the day that I received the headset. The headphones still sound as good as the day that I first put them on.

Overall a very good headset still if you remove the wear items.


Where I am going from here

After the very impressive longevity of this pair of voids I am torn for what my next headset till be. Obviously I will be staying with Corsair but to go with another set of the Voids in the Void Elites or take to take a step up the ladder and go with the Virtuoso.

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi KangarooMike,


Wow, that's an impressive journey your VOIDs have gone through. Thanks for giving us a recap of your experience with it! A lot of people would have moved on at the sight of the first tear. What features are you looking for in your next headset?

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The Virtuoso's are looking good but I am a bit hesitant on the fake leather earcups.

Form past experiences with fake leather earcups in my climate is that they only last about 1 year. If the Virtuoso's had a cloth earcup option it would be my first choice. Or even if they had replaceable earcups.

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  • Corsair Employees
That's understandable. It is worth noting that the padding for the VIRTUOSO's headband is similar material to the ear cups. If the material is your largest concern, our VOID headsets may be your best option - they all have fabric material.
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