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''New Connection'' Fault iCue4, disconnects perifs

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Please ref to attachment ''Corsair Fault'' PNG file.


I have been having issues with my iCue4 ecosystem as it keeps punching in and out (USB disconnect/reconnect sound goes off and I get major lag in game; keyboard/mouse/headset disconnect for a good 10 sec, as well as fans/pump/lights blinking on and off) and there seems to be a link with when iCue detects BY MISTAKE a ''Thermal Probe'' and prompts me if I want to start the Set-Up Wizard for Hydro X... Its all wrong. This can happen every 15-20min at its worst.


I have the following iCue related equipment:


- H115i RGB Platinum AIO w/280mm RAD w/2x ML140mm fans (connected on their own cables with the pump, however pump USB is in a Commander Pro)

- 4x Pro RGB Strips Connected in a Lighting Node Pro (LED #2)

- 2x RGB Fan LED Hub (1x for 1-3 Front SP120mm fans connected in NoPro LED #1 and fans 1-3 in Commander Pro; 1x for 2 Top ML140mm/1 Back ML120mm fans connected in Commander Pro LED #1 and fans 4-6

- 1x Commander Pro with connections already explained

- 1x Lighting Node Pro with connections already explained

- STRAFE RGB MK.2 Keyboard where Headset and Mouse connect with Virtuoso SE Dongle in Keyboard USB slot


- VIRTUOSO RGB WIRELESS SE High-Fidelity Headset


I have tried numerous updates, and restarts but I need help from you guys.


WHAT I WANT: For iCue to stop dropping in and out, so I can have a smooth gaming experience without losing games dues to my PC (always blame the parts, never the player HAHA!)


Thanks in advance


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Make sure you are running the most recent BIOS for your motherboard that is utilizing the AGESA which resolves USB connectivity issues on AMD 500 series chipsets. As for the screenshot that is a known bug and is being looked into. It doesn't mess with the performance of iCUE and you can clear that notification.
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