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Corsair Virtuoso SE Dongle Failed to Pair w/ Other Devices

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I've recently installed the latest iCue 4.11.274 (uninstalled everything from the last iCue and did a clean install of the new version). The Virtuoso SE dongle failed to pair with the Dark Core RGB Pro and the K57 RGB Wireless Keyboard, both of which are capable of slipstream and multipoint technology. The Dark Core RGB Pro and the K57 RGB Wireless Keyboard were both updated to the latest firmware prior to the pairing. However, after failing to connect the devices to the dongle, iCue shows a message that the mouse and keyboard need a firmware, after clicking update, it shows that it couldn't connect to the server. The firmware that iCue wants to update to is the one the device already at. After that, iCue does show the logos of the mouse and keyboard, but it said that it need update, but again, it couldn't update. Putting the mouse to wireless mode, it connected to the dongle but could only go up and down, left clicking and right clicking will move it to the right direction. Retried several times, still the same issue, and reinstalling iCue didn't help either.

I think that the headset and dongle firmwares are out of date so pairing other device won't work, but I have no idea what are the latest firmwares of them. Clicking check for update in iCue didn't show the phrase "up-to-date" like other devices, but it didn't say it need update either. The dongle is 1.5.54 and the Virtuoso SE headset is 1.3.46.


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