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XD5 Grinding sound

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first time watercooling. is this sound normal (see youtube video)? It's been doing this every few seconds for the last 30 mins (just filled the loop for the first time). I don't have the PWM hooked up so the pump is going full speed (like it said in the instructions in order to prime it). When i do hook the PWM to slot 6 on the commander pro i don't hear the grinding sound (but i'm assuming the pump is running much slower). From what i've read on this forum this doesn't sound like bubbles working themselves out or am i wrong? NOTE: I made sure NOT to run the pump dry when filling it up.



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That sounds like air in the loop. At the lower speed you are not able to push it back to the reservoir so no noise. I am not sure if you really have complete circulatory flow yet or not. One way to attack this without tipping the case all over is to cycle the pump between low and maximum. Don’t repeatedly plug/unplug the PWM header to do this.


In CUE go to the Commander Performance tab and click + to create a custom curve. A graph will appear below. Use either the fixed RPM or fixed PWM% to alternate between 1500 rpm or 25%PWM and 4800/100%. Put it max for 20 seconds, then cycle down for 5-10 seconds, then back to max.


If you are still in PSU jumper phase and not ready to boot up, you’ll need need to do a little tipping with the PWM plug removed. **Don’t reconnect the PWM plug while the Commander is powered on. It’s a little more sensitive than it should be and it’s possible to damage the PWM circuitry on either device.

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