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Does the H150i Elite USB plug have to be attached directly into the motherboard?

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I've been trying (literally all day long) to connect the USB wire from the H150i Elite to the USB-in on my retail Commander Pro (I have 2 of them), but it simply will not register in Windows/iCue, no matter how many times I try.


Despite its $700.00 price tag, my Aorus Xtreme motherboard only has one USB header (unless I'm missing something), but the header is reserved for the Commander Pro that came included with my Obsidian 1000D. My retail Commander Pro piggy-backs off of the 1000D Commander Pro's USB input, and my AX 1600i takes the other USB slot. Side note: as it is, the USB inputs on any Commander Pro seem to be finnicky, at best. Very disappointing, Corsair. I know you guys can do better.



In any event, here's a review:


My Obsidian 1000D Commander Pro goes directly into my motherboard's USB header, and I don't really want to change this configuration up. The 2 USB connectors on the 1000D Commander Pro are currently connected to my AX 1600i PSU, and a retail Commander Pro. The retail Commander Pro has 2 additional unused USB inputs, one of which I'm trying to connect the h150i Elite to, with no success. Is there some sort of power limit integrated into the Commander Pro that would prevent it from seeing the H150i Elite? Would adding additional internal USB headers solve my problem?


Thanks for any help in advance, appreciate it.

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You have a x570 MB so you likely are suffering from the below spec usb power delivery that vexes a lot of x570/B550 board owners. The passthroughs on either Commander are going to be problematic by further increasing the demand. Most AMD owners get around this issue by using a powered USB hub.


In the interim, the H150i will run a default “quiet” profile out of the box. You won’t be able to change anything, but it will work. Another alternative is to temporarily connect the H150i directly to the MB usb 2, set your preferred hardware lighting effect and set a fan profile (must user H150i temp as sensor choice). You can then disconnect and those choices are automatically saved to the device.

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Thanks for the reply, c-attack. I thought the X570 chipset was the best out there. Any idea why the USB power delivery is compromised?


Also, would either of these peripherals help? Would one perform better than the other?






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The NZXT one on the bottom is a popular choice and known to work. The top one might, as long as it has a SATA power delivery. Otherwise it’s just a splitter and the key is power.


I don’t know how things came to be the way they are. This has been an issue since the moment that platform dropped and when people encounter this on other platforms it winds up being something more basic like missing chipset drivers, etc. Some devices are more difficult than others, probably because they have more USB activity. Commanders and the Platinum/XT coolers are the most common. The daisy chain pass through is almost always an issue.

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Both of these in theory should work. The problem is that the DATA power is limited on AMD Chipsets, so when you use a passive or passthrough Hub, the DATA signal gets too weak and the Motherboard can't read the signal. Both of those hubs should use the standard 5v supplied by the USB controller to amplify/strengthen the DATA power signal, and allow it to work.
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