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QL120s , Commander, RGB Hub confusion

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Hey guys.....really struggling here, been looking at cabling diagrams on here all morning and im just stuck.


I have 6x QL120s and 3x LL120s, the 2 RGB Hubs that came with the 3 packs of QL's, and a Commander.


Ive wired it as follows -


6x QL fan control into the Commander ( well only 5 as 1 fan seems DOA)

3x LL's fan control into my Kraken AIO


6x QL RGB into RGB Hub 1

3x LL RGB into RGB Hub 2


Commander USB to Montherboard

Both RGB Hubs to the USB ports on the commander


So , I have zero control over the RGB via iCue. All stuck on a rainbow pattern. Ive just discovered I can disconnect the Hubs from the commander USB and it makes zero difference. These USB ports on the commander have too many pins and it seems you can actually connect the hubs 2 ways (all the way to the left, or flipped over and all the way to the right) . Doesnt seem to make any difference.


Ive read variousposts saying these RGB hubs should appear in iCUE , and other posts saying they dont. So im not really sure. Mine do not.


Am i doing something wrong or is my Commander not working properly like the RGB on one of my fans ? :-(


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Ok I fixed it.


Moved both RGB hubs and the Commander to an internal USB hub I had kicking around and connected that to the MB. All working.


So did I have it wrong with the RGB hubs into the commander, or is it faulty?

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The Commander Pro USB ports don't have too many pins (they have 9) but the width of the port makes it easy to have them off-by-one and that sounds like what you did - all the way to one side or the other would have the pins off. It should be centered.
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