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Void Elite vs Virtuoso SE


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I want to renew my headphones, I have the Corsair Void USB (normal) for almost three years and I want something wireless. I have very good experience with Corsair products, you could say that I am definitely a fan of these xDs.


I have searched for a review but still have no clear decision. I've seen Virtuosos supposedly offer better sound quality, but does this quality really feel like this?


I am a user who uses headphones almost all day, whether it is to listen to music while I study or during my gaming hours. Personally, the USB Void I have now sounds amazing.


My question is; Is it worth spending a little more for the Virtuosos? Or am I going for the Void Elite? Is there really a difference between the two in sound quality?

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The Audio quality is much better on the Virtuoso, frequency range of 20Hz-40,000Hz in wireless mode. I would reccomend it. But if you're going to get Virtuoso, I would look into the XT alot of versatility, and improvements from the first gen.

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