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H100i Elite Capellix pump noise

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How loud should the H100i Elite Capellix's pump be? I have it set to "Quiet" in iCUE and yet I can still hear it over the case fans unless they're ramped up. I can even hear it on the other side of my room.
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Sorry for the late response but I realized that the problem was simply that my hearing is too good for my own good and the pump is actually fine and then forgot about this post. Though it would be nice if we could lower the RPM on the pump down some more since I had to crank up the fans a bit to cover up the sound.


However I seem to have a new problem. Recently, I've started to hear what sounds like a mechanical hard drive go off every few seconds but I don't have one in this build. Eliminating all other sources of sound from the computer the best I could, it seems to be originating from the pump. Is there something I can do about it or it a sign of something failing? Sadly, I don't have anyway of recording the sound.

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