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Icue dongle + virtuoso question mark no update finding

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Since a few days it is impossible for me to find firmware updates for my dongle and my virtuoso. Indeed Icue indicates me a question mark next to the dongle and does not indicate me anything for an update for my virtuoso.

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saaaame, doesnt look like they really read what my issue is when it's clearly stated more than once in each mail i've gotten. Looks like the mails i'm getting regarding the support is mainly a "template" about reinstalling, which clearly has been done.


I suffer with u OP, on each and every mail i get back, i instant reply, and have to wait a minimum of 1 day for a reply back. I hope it fixes it for you, and myself haha.

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Finally weekend and i cant talk to my mates because the Update broke my Headset.


How on earth do you get this through QC on a 200€ Headset???


its ridicoulous how often i have to deal with RMA/Support folks with corsair Products.

On paper there perfefct, but lacking in QC/Software/Drivers.

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