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H115i RGB problem

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Hi there,


I purchased a prebuilt Alphasync PC from eBuyer in December that came with all Corsair RGB lighting setup, 500D SE case, commander pro, etc.


My cooler is a 115i Platinum but over the last few weeks, the RGB is behaving erratically. One of the RGB LEDs seems to be not working as the 115i is out of sync with all of my other RGB lightings and cannot reproduce purple anymore.


If I switch my system to all blue, or all yellow the 115i lighting will not match like it cannot reproduce the colour anymore.


Strangely, I do have the odd day where it works fine again, but then it will break,


I'm not sure where to begin trying to troubleshoot this. I've updated the ICUE software but that didn't fix anything, neither does playing around with all the Icue colour options.


I don't want to RMA the whole computer back to eBuyer as I use my computer all day for work so that's not a realistic option.


Does anybody have any idea on a) how to fix, and b) how to get a replacement with the minimum hassle necessary?


If I needed to RMA I would be happy to pay the cost of the cooler as a deposit to get a replacement sent to me first so that I can test if its faulty without having to RMA my PC, or send back the current faulty cooler for inspection, which would also leave me without a PC temporarily.

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You might try a forced firmware update. Check for update -> (none) -> force update. If you are running other MB software, you may want force quit it before trying. There are some reports that GA Fusion or Mystic Light can interfere.


Aside from that, you probably need to contact support. It’s not clear if the problem is software or hardware based, but likely the path needs to go through them. Some caution on the firmware flash. The cooler will go offline for 4-5 seconds as it reboots itself. The fans will max out and it can be a bit alarming. You also can wait for support to instruct you to perform that process.

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