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Need Help with QL Series Fans

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Hey guys, I just built my new PC today and I have a problem. My current problem is that I cannot change the RGB on 6/9 fans that I have in my PC. I'll try my best to explain the setup as simple as possible.


I have 9 fans, all are QL120 fans. If you are unaware of Corsairs' newer fans, each fan has two leads coming off of it, one for PWM(fan speed) control and one is for RGB. 3 are mounted to my H150i Elite Capillex while the other 6 are mounted to the case. The 3 that are connected to the H150i, all 6 leads are connected to the Commander CORE (came with the cooler). The Commander CORE is connected directly to my mobo via its USB header. The other 6 fans are connected differently. The 6 PWM leads are connected to a Commander Pro while the 6 RGB leads are connected to a Lighting Node Core (the Commander Pro does not have slots for the RGB leads). The Commander Pro is powered via SATA and has a USB lead that is also connected directly to my mobo. The Lighting Node Core has 2 leads coming off of it, one is SATA power and the other is a USB lead. The USB lead from the Lighting Node Core is connected to a USB header on the Commander Pro (this was my only option as my mobo only has 2 USB headers and based on what I read online and what is on Corsairs' website, this is the correct way of connecting the Lighting Node Core in my case). With those 6 fans, the PWM controls work fine, and the RGB on the fans work, HOWEVER, I cannot see the Lighting Node Core nor the 6 fans in iCUE. So while the RGB on these 6 fans works as indicated by the constant RGB rainbow wave, I cannot change the RGB for these fans in iCUE.


I have tried so many different troubleshooting options. I tried the other USB header on the Commander Pro. I swapped out the Lighting Node Core with another Lighting Node Core. I swapped the SATA power cable. I uninstalled and reinstall iCUE multiple times. I uninstalled ASUS Aura so that it doesn't clash with iCUE. I tried updating the firmware on the Commander Pro. The only thing I have not tried is connecting the Lighting Node Core's USB lead directly into my mobo, mainly because it would mean I would have to connect my Commander CORE to my Commander Pro and I feel as though the same issue is going to arise but instead with the 3 fans that are currently working perfectly. Does anyone have any ideas?


Here are the rest of my PC specs in case it's needed.


AMD Ryzen 9 5900X


Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero


Corsair Vengeance SL 32GB (4x8GB)




Samsung 980 Pro 1TB


Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic


EVGA G5 Supernova 1000W PSU


Windows 10 64bit

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If the Lighting Node Core is not detected by CUE, then you obviously can’t change the lighting. Detection and communication is on the usb 2 line from device to MB. I’ll assume you’ve connected it to the Commander Pro pass through port and that is likely the problem on an AMD x570 board. Often it does not supply enough power to support pass through connections or sometimes direct connections as well. You probably need a powered USB hub to handle all of the devices. You can try a direct connection to test, but not too many boards have 3 internal usb 2 ports so you’ll need another permanent solution.


Another option would be to eliminate the Lighting Node Core by moving the QL to the Commander Pro RGB ports (if available). For that you need a RGB Lighting Hub that normally comes with ML/LL fans. Corsair sells them directly and there are lots on the resell market, but watch out for price gouging. This is a $10 USB part. I see people selling them for 3-4x that amount. The hub is slightly smaller than the LNC, so it’s not so much a space saver and it reduces the number of system devices and usb connections by 1.

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