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corsair 3 pin to corsair 4 pin converter?

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i have an xc7 cpu cooler and an xd5 pump which i'm daisy chaining the rgb on the attached 3 pin connectors. it sounds like people normally connect that 3 pin to either the commander pro or lighting node pro. I'd be fine with connecting it to my commander pro but my problem is that both the 3 pin led ports on my commander pro are full (going to two 4 pin rgb hubs). While i could split one of the 3 pin led ports on my commander pro in two with a lighting node pro, i'd prefer to not add another device to the mix but instead convert the 3 pin rgb from the xc7/xd5 to a 4 pin rgb and connect it to my 4 pin rbg hub (as i have an extra slot free). I've tried searching for a corsair 3 pin rgb to 4 pin rgb converters but i'm just getting those 5v argb to 4 pin converter results. Edited by seattlejanzen
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i actually figured this out in case anyone else is interested. I took the 3 pin corsair to 3pin ARGB cable (i think it came with my commander pro) and connected it to a 3pin ARGB to 4 pin corsair cable i bought on ebay from Pirate dog Tech.


PirateDog also has a Corsair 4-pin Fan RGB to Corsair 3-pin Lighting Channel RGB adapter.

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