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Virtuoso XT - Erratic Mic Volume, Sidetone Unusable

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Just purchased the newly released Virtuoso XT headset, and whenever I try to adjust the mic volume in iCUE, the slider goes crazy, jumping up and down all over the place until it finally settles. If I try to disable the mic while it's jumping around, the mic disables/enables erratically as well, confirmed with the voice prompts. I can change the mic volume fine in the Windows sound properties, only when trying from iCUE does it not work.


Also, Sidetone isn't working, or is super quiet. I've read about this with previous Virtuoso iterations, but figured surely Corsair would have this fixed by now. Nope. I can't hear myself with Sidetone at all. I know the mic works, and was even able to enable "listen to this device" in the Windows sound properties, can hear myself just fine that way, albeit with huge latency. I know Sidetone is enabled. I've used the mic button as well as enabling in iCUE. When it's on, I can hear static/background noise, but my voice is not heard. Upgrading from an HS70 headset, and Sidetone works fine on that one.


Any updates on a fix for these two things?


EDIT: Using latest Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (20H2), latest iCUE 4.11.xxx

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Well I tried to uninstall and reinstall iCUE, uninstall and reinstall the headset, multiple reboots, no dice. If I click on the slider somewhere, rather than drag the slider, it seems to jump to the correct mic volume. Click and drag on the slider is what causes the problem. Looking at the mic volume setting in Windows, it mimics the erratic behavior that is happening in iCUE.


Sidetone still borked as well.

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Just as an update, Corsair support did get back to me shortly after posting that I had not received a response. I went through the basic troubleshooting with them. Wound up having to send my logs to them, and waiting on a response back.
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Just an update. Could not get any reconciliation out of Corsair. The ticket has been open for months now, and their responses have been weeks apart, only when prompted by me, basically saying they're looking into it and will get back to me. I've sent them logs and videos of the issues, as they requested, but can't seem to get any update from them other than they're looking into it and will get back with me. My rep even said he escalated to his supervisor since he wasn't getting a response back from the necessary team. My last contact with them was on 6/22 - it is now 7/9. I just sent another message via my ticket and was met with an email formatted like I had just opened a ticket - seems like the original was closed.


I'm done with it. I'll just deal with the crappy Sidetone and horrible UI lag (mic volume) until it's time to upgrade the headset again, which will NOT be Corsair.

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