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Commander PRO Fan setup for Linux

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I am using Ubuntu 20.02 x64, and have noticed a uncomfortable noise comming out my case fans (i got 3 Corsair ML140 PRO 140MM).


Taking a closer look, i believe all them 3 are spinnig at the highest frequency (about 1200 RPM I think).


it's unnecessary. Spinning at 200 RPM would be enough. For the profile i do under this operating system, there is no reason for such a high cooling state.


All the fans are plugged in Corsair Commander PRO, which does have a ICUE software on Microsoft Windows to get some adjustment. But here, at Linux, it looks like I'm in the valley, alone.


So, the is some way to monitor/adjust my case fans, plugged in Commander, to spin less on Linux?


Thank you

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You need to use one of the 10K thermistor wires from the Commander box to measure ambient temp, most likely near the rear exhaust. It will take some observation to find your normal range, but those temp probes are the default sensor value for the device. Everything else requires the software be active to get the data from its other source.
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