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iCUE hardware transfer of key assignment and ligting feature

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I wasn't able to find a thread suggesting the feature below and at the same time I don't believe it wasn't suggested before since it's a tedious and redundant action.


Please implement a feature to transfer easily key bindings and lighting to hardware key bindings and hardware lighting. Even better make it automated!

At least let make both categories share a joint library. This whole needless clicking is annoying.


It is tedious and just shows how less of thinking about the concept was made as it was decided to create "Key Assignment" and "Hardware Key Assignment", "Lighting" and "Hardware Key Lighting". I'm using the K57 wireless keyboard and Dark Core mouse. Every time I add a key binding I have to repeat the action for the hardware key binding. If I import a iCUE profile I need to pick similar but supported lighting layers for the hardware lighting (keyboard only, since the mouse supports more complex layers). Besides, all the iCUE-Profiles should have some kind of routine to convert unsupported lighting layers to supported one for wireless mode.


I haven't encountered a situation where I want to have a different lighting or key binding in wired and wireless mode!

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