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M65 RGB stutters randomly

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I'm having some issues with my Corsair M65 RGB.


1. It randomly stutters for 1-2 seconds

2. Sometimes when I lift the mouse the lights turn off/on for a brief second (not sure if its related to issue 1).


I don't remember this happening when I first bought the mouse so I'm thinking a firmware update caused the issue.


Some other details:

1. It happens on different pcs one of them has icue installed and the other doesn't.

2. I have quite a few other mice and none of them has this issue only the M65 RGB.

3. I've tried a few different mouse pads so I don't think that is the issue.

4. I tried resetting the mouse by holding both buttons and plugging it in


So my question is can I do a factory reset and/or downgrade to an earlier firmware version? I'm using firmware v3.02 which seems to be the latest at the moment.

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