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I purchased 4 - CMX512-3200C2PRO memory modules from 2 different online retailers ( 2 from each – each vendor was running a different sale ) Now that I finally have all of the parts to build my rig I noticed the following. All of the modules list CMX512-3200C2PRO V 5.1 except 1 module list CMX512-3200C2PRO V 4.1. I also have one 5.1 module that appears to have a physical LED problem (There is something white underneath the LED sticker blocking the LED. (Only on 1 LED) Please let me know if the v 4.1 module will cause a compatibility problem and can I in any way remove the LED sticker and replace it or RMA the module.

Thanks, :D:


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No I have not tried them yet. I am in the process of putting together my new gaming rig ( Which by the I have slowly been buying each piece under my wifes rader, :laughing: :laughing: lol )





PC Power & Cooling 510 SLI Turbo Cool Deluxe

2 Gig (4 CMX 512 3200 Pro Modules )

2 BFG 6800 GT OC PCIe Cards in SLI Mode

2 CHEETAH 15K.3 73.4GB U320 SCSI Drives ( Raid 0 )

Adaptec 29320ALP-R SCSI Adapter

Lian-Li PC-V1000 Case

PrimoChill Typhoon Dual 5.25 BayRes

DDC 12V - Delphi pump

ThermoChill HE120.1 - Res

PolarFLO TT CPU & GPU Cooling Blocks

Crystal Fontz 634 LCD

SlienX 120MM Fans in the case and on the RES

Rheobus 4 Port Fan Controller


Many other options not listed ....

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You do realize that you would by default run the memory at DDR333 when you install more than 2 double sided modules, correct?


Ram Guy,


You will have to excuse me for I am memory nOOb. Memory is one area that I really never paid to much attention to until now. I have always just purchased the recommended type and max amount for each particular machine. (And yes as always corsair) So with that said … What do I need to do or buy to run my new rig at optimal speed and performance? ( My intent is 2 GB of system memory )



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